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Travel Tips

Please respect the culture of each destination. Take only pictures and leave only footprints.

✓ Check your itinerary as soon as we book your trip to confirm all legal names are spelled correctly, travel dates and destination are as planned
✓ These are your official electronic documents. Please take them with you plus your passport
✓ Using your Airlines record locator that is printed on your documents or your invoice, check in on the airline website 24 hours ahead of your departure time and check your seat assignments, pay for your checked luggage and print your boarding passes
✓ Please arrive at the airport at least 2 ½ hours prior to departure. Travel insurance does not cover you if you miss your flight
✓ Carry your prescription medication with you in your carry-on
✓ Bring a swimming suit, toothbrush etc with you in your carry-on in case you and your luggage are separated from each other for any length of time
✓ Beware of timeshare sales. They may offer you a free tour for just an hour of your time, BUT it won’t be just an hour of your time
✓ Most flights do not serve food so eat and prepare accordingly
✓ Confirm your frequent flyer number has been applied to your airline reservation
✓ Please bring your Visa or Master Card for purchasing tours and shopping. Do not bring your Discover card or traveler checks. Notify your credit card company where you will be traveling to and obtain any special information for ATM Machines
✓ Bring singles for tipping. US Dollars are widely accepted in Mexico but nothing larger than a 20 Dollar bill
✓ Please bring over the counter medicine with you for various circumstances along with sunscreen and insect spray
✓ Do not put cash, important documents, expensive jewelry etc in your luggage
✓ Name and contact information should be on your luggage tag and inside the suitcase as well. Make your luggage look different
✓ Each resort has its own personality. You don’t want to end up at a “party” resort when you are looking for peace and quiet. Some resorts are not on a great beach, but they make up for it by building an amazing pool. Are you a beach person or a pool person?
✓ All inclusive resorts include all your meals, snacks, beverages including alcoholic beverages, non-motorized water sports, nightly entertainment, gratuities etc. Some all inclusive resorts include Spanish lessons, dance lessons, cooking classes, tequila tasting, Zumba, and water aerobic classes. More all inclusive resorts have amazing spas at an additional cost.
✓ You may be required to fill out paperwork during your flight. When traveling to Mexico be sure to keep part two of your tourist card safely with your documents. It must be returned to the authorities upon departure
✓ When checking in at the resort, be sure to confirm they are giving you the room you booked and the bed size you requested
✓ If the resort requires you to wear a wristband, have it fit loosely so it doesn’t mess up your tan and round the edges so it doesn’t scratch you or someone else
✓ Reservations may need to be made for the specialty restaurants for dinner.
✓ Do not drink the water. Always drink bottled water even when brushing your teeth. The ice and fresh vegetable should be fine. The water in the resort kitchens is purified
✓ Be sure to put your “DO NOT DISTURB” tag on your door before going to sleep or you may receive a wake-up knock on the door very early
✓ It is expensive to call the United States from Mexico. The hotel will charge you for using the phone in the room for your long distance calls. Phone cards can be purchased or make arrangements with your cell phone company
✓ If you should have a complaint, please notify the front desk, the hotel manager and then the tour company representative. Fix the problem while you are there. We can’t fix the problem once the vacation is over
✓ When arriving at your destination, you will be greeted by people offering you transportation, tours, timeshares, or just help with your luggage. Please decline and continue on until you meet your tour operator representative who will have your scheduled transportation waiting for you
✓ When taking a taxi, agree on a price before leaving
✓ Please do not leave your valuables unattended even in your room. Please use your in-room safe for passports, birth certificates, documents, jewelry, and cash
✓ Dinner dress code for men are slacks, collared shirt, and enclosed shoes. Dress code for women are sundresses, dresses or slacks. No jeans
✓ If you don’t see the brand of liquor at the bar you would like, ask for it.
✓ Tours can be arranged in the lobby of the hotel. You can book your tours with me or wait until you get to the resort and book them with the tour companies that are on site.
✓ Use the same personal safety precautions and common sense on your vacation as you would at home
✓ Red or black flags on the beach mean a strong undertow. Be careful.
✓ Prior to the day of departure, confirm with your tour company the time they will pick you up in the lobby for your transportation back to the airport
✓ Be sure not to leave anything in the safe or drawers!
✓ Hotel check-out is almost always at noon. Ask the front desk if they have a day room for you to use or if they can store your luggage until your departure
✓ Travel involves lifestyle and conditions that can be very different from our own. You must be flexible enough to accept and adapt to unusual situations, local inadequacies, unpredictable events and acts of nature. With the best intentions and organization, things can still go wrong and inconveniences can happen
✓ Respect local cultures. Know the local customs and remain sensitive to them
✓ Minimize your impact on the environment and practice NO TRACE. Take only pictures and leave only footsteps

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