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Destination Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Your best friend is getting ready to give up the single life and get married and it’s your job to put together the Bachelorette/Bachelor  party. With the big day approaching, you need to plan that Destination Bachelorette/Bachelor Party.

When you choose a destination Bachelorette/Bachelor, you are saying you want more than just one night to spend together doing what the bride/groom loves to do with their friends.   Make sure the destination is close enough to be practical for the time everyone has available, it fits everyone’s budget, offers quality fun and/or unusual activities, and has the kind of quality nightclubs and entertainment necessary for an unforgettable  party. Be sure to consider the bride-to-be/groom-to-be’s personality and include activities they like to do.  Does the bride like to shop, go to the theater, lay on the beach and work on her pre-wedding tan, or spend a few days at a spa?  Does the groom like to golf, gamble, whitewater raft, zip line, or just lay on a beach?

Whatever you plan for them, be sure it will be something that will take them away from all the decision making responsibilities of the wedding and have the time of your life.  Who knows when you will get this opportunity again.