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Destination Weddings

Every bride deserves to be pampered on her wedding day instead of being a Bridezilla taking care of last minute details. Book your destination wedding at an all inclusive resort and let the wedding coordinator take care of the last minute details while you enjoy your day with your family and friends doing what you want to do.  Destination weddings are less expensive than traditional weddings and some  resorts offer free or  great wedding packages at reasonable prices. The optional add-ons let you design your dream wedding.

The average wedding in the United States costs $29,852.00,  lasts 7 hours,  and includes months of stressful planning.  A destination wedding has some planning prior to arriving at the destination but much of the wedding is planned on site while enjoying the beginning of your “weddingmoon” in a relaxed atmosphere.  I take care of organizing your friends and family’s travel arrangements while keeping  the bride informed as to who is arriving and when.  Friends and family celebrate the marriage of the bride and groom for as long as they like and sometimes the bride and groom move to a different resort to celebrate their honeymoon on their own.  I offer a honeymoon gift registry so that your wedding gifts don’t need to travel to the destination wedding.

Imagine getting married while scuba diving, or on a beach at sunset, or on a cruise ship, or in the Disney Castle, or on the top of a  mountain, or in a haunted hotel, or anywhere that is unique to you as a couple. It is now legal for a US citizens to get  married in Tahiti. Imagine getting married in an over the water chapel and then honeymooning in one of the over the water bungalows. Call me and we can discuss the wedding options for your destination and resort choice or if you want to look on your own first, feel free to click on the resort icons in the Apple Vacations brochure on my website to see what each resort offers for weddings and honeymoons. There are now all inclusive resorts that offer swim out rooms, private plunge pools, aromatherapy choices, pillow choices, program an ipod to your music preferences, gourmet food, wine cellars, etc.

Every country or island has different marriage requirements.  Some countries require you in the country a few days prior to the wedding, or  require paperwork to be translated into their language, or  blood tests. I will let you know what is required for your marriage and get the wedding date and time set with the wedding coordinator.  After that, you and the wedding coordinator will communicate prior to your arrival to their resort and of course at the resort.

As we start the planning process, I will need to know from you realistically how many guests will be attending and if there will be any children, the destinations your guests will be traveling from, what budget you and your guests are comfortable with, and what you are looking for in your dream wedding.  We will discuss destinations based on time of year, interests, and ease of getting your family and friends there. We will discuss the many resort options such as resort size, amenities, food quality, service quality, wedding packages, date availability,  and special interests.   Hopefully we will be able to start planning your destination wedding 6-9 months in advance.  I look forward to using my 17 years of Destination Wedding experience to help you plan your destination wedding.

Apple Vacations Wedding Packages

Why You Should Consider Using A Travel Agent When Planning Your Destination Wedding

What I can do for you is help you decide if you want to legally get married at a beach destination or if you just want it to be a symbolic wedding. (Meaning getting your marriage license here before you go). Then I help you pick a resort based on your likes and pricing. Once that is done, I check that resort for your wedding date availability and send you over their wedding packages.  Once the wedding date is set, I will introduce you to the wedding coordinator at the resort for you to continue with the wedding planning.  I do not charge a booking fee, so it doesn’t cost you anything to use me as your travel consultant. If you guest finds the exact same package at a lower cost, I can price match it. 

I will set up a wedding group promo code so that all your guests are booked under that code and will receive a discount.  Also when you arrive at the resort, the resort knows you are all traveling together and they will put you in rooms closer together.  I will help you write an introduction to your wedding guests so that they will have all my information to contact me directly.  Once your guests are booked,  I will send you an email with their itinerary so you will know is coming and their arrival and departure information.  

With the advice of your travel agent during the destination wedding planning process you can...

Decide when you want to get married

Decide where you want to get married

Pick the right hotel (based on price, quality rating, and whether it takes families with children or just adults)

Next, your advisor will contact wedding staff to lock in your date and time preference. This may require a deposit from you

The bride then prepares to send out her “save the dates” and/or wedding invitations. At the same time, your travel advisory gets started preparing suitable “package and hotel-only” prices to satisfy your guests’ needs

The bride then prepares to send out her “save the dates” and/or wedding invitations. At the same time, your travel advisory gets started preparing suitable “package and hotel-only” prices to satisfy your guests’ needs

Your travel advisor then puts you, the bride, in contact with your hotel wedding coordinator and the two of you begin going over wedding packages, colors, ceremony sites, reception, music, guest gifts… you name it!

Your invitations should encourage all your guests to call the travel advisor and book their travel arrangements. Every booking goes toward your room total and “discounts” you could earn!

Two weeks prior to departure, a prepared rooming list is sent to the wedding coordinator so he or she can hand pick the hotel rooms so everyone can stay together.

You carry your wedding dress on board, and the flight attendant smiles as they hang it in the closet.

You arrive at the hotel in anticipation of meeting your wedding coordinator, the person who is going to help make your dreams come true.

Featured Wedding Destination: Riviera Maya

Additional Destination Wedding Services

New Service: Drone Filming, Your Wedding from a New Height

Capture your ceremony in a very original way! This service gives you the opportunity to record your wedding from the heights with the help of drone. It includes a crew of five to film and three cameras that will provide 10 hours of recording; the edited video will be delivered to your door within a month, as well as a download link with the aerial images in HD video.

New Service: Live Streaming Your Wedding

Get your personalized wedding page and share your Big Day with those family members and friends that couldn’t attend your ceremony! Many resorts offer live stream of the wedding and a Social Media Concierge that will post images to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout ceremony. Afterwards, the concierge will create a Pinterest board with the images of your wedding.

Legally-Binding Wedding Ceremonies

Check with the embassy/consulate of the country in which you are marrying (contact information provided below) for the most up-to-date information on documentation requirements and other restrictions for US citizens marrying in a foreign country.

Symbolic Wedding Ceremonies

Many wedding couples choose to be legally married in the United States, preceded or followed by a symbolic wedding ceremony in resort with family and friends. Symbolic weddings are less costly, and a great choice for busy couples that prefer to bypass the gathering and completion of documentation required for a legally-binding ceremony in a foreign country.