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Mexico Travel Requirements

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Mexico Travel Requirements

1. What documents do US and Canadian citizens need to travel to Mexico?
US citizens need to have an original, signed passport that is valid for six months beyond their stay. Canadian citizens also are required to have a valid passport. Canadian citizens without a valid passport will not be allowed entry into Mexico and will be returned to Canada. Canadian permanent residents need to present a Resident Card, Certificate of Identity, or Refugee Travel Document.

2. What are the travel requirements for minors traveling to Mexico?
Those under 18 years of age traveling alone or with only one parent or with someone other than the child’s parents, must show a notarized letter of permission signed by the parent/parents not traveling. In the case of a single parent traveling with a minor, a certified copy of the divorce decree and court order showing sole custody, certified copy of birth certificate naming one parent, a notarized copy of a death certificate or other legal documents proving custody or guardianship are necessary.

“We have been advised that effective October 1, 2017 the Municipality of Solidaridad will launch a new eco tax to help maintain the beaches and ecosystem in Riviera Maya. Tourism and the natural beauty of the area is an essential part of the region’s development, and crucial to its preservation. In order to maintain and conserve the natural beauty of the destination, upon check out the hotels will be collecting 10.00 Mexican Pesos per room per night effective October 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017, and 20.00 Mexican Pesos per room per night, effective January 1, 2018. This new tax will be deposited in an environmental trust fund that has been set up to protect the area and its surroundings.This tax has just been imposed, and is not included in packages regardless of booking dates. Please advise your clients of this new development prior to their trip.”